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Table of all czech chess engines

Logo Name and Version Author CCRL Rank of Czech engines More info Play online
Safrad 3David ŠafránekComming SoonhereLichess Bot
Safrad 2.2David Šafránek6.hereLichess Bot
Safrad 2.1David ŠafránekNot CountedhereNot Available
SxRandom 1David Šafránek7.hereLichess Bot
SxDraw 1David ŠafránekNot AvailablehereLichess Bot (Equal position) | Lichess Bot (Better position) | Lichess Bot (Worse position)
Honzovy Šachy 2Jan Němec, David Šafránek4.hereLichess Bot
Honzovy Šachy 1.1Jan Němec, David ŠafránekNot CountedhereLichess Bot
Cheng 4.39Martin Sedlák1. 🥇hereLichess Bot
Phalanx XXVDušan Dobeš2. 🥈hereLichess Bot
Pseudo 0.7cJan Klíma3. 🥉Not AvailableLichess Bot
Virutor 1.1.2Václav Vávra5.hereLichess Bot

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Chess Quote

Chess can never reach its height by following in the path of science ... Let us, therefore, make a new effort and with the help of our imagination turn the struggle of technique into a battle of ideas.
Jose Capablanca

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